Earn up to 24 credit hours, taught by our amazing instructors, aboard NurseCon at Sea 2022

Rudolph Pavlesich DNP, FNP-BC, CRNA, APRN

Coping Strategies After a Critical Incident – In this course we will explore coping strategies after a critical incident, why it is important, and the symptoms that may be experienced after a trauma.

Business Basics for the Nurseprenuer – Prepare for your nurseprenuer journey by learning business basics like differences between W-2 and 1099, corporation types, how to set up a business entity, understanding what a DEA number is for, how to set up a supply account, and what types of insurance you need to consider.

Andrea Dalzell BSN, RN

Sexual Health Considerations for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury/ Illness – Together we will walk through medical and social models of disability as it relates to sexual health considerations, pregnancy and more.

Realities of Nurses with Disabilities – Nurses with invisible disabilities are working among you. Learn how we collectively ensure accommodations that transcend what we think of disability and support colleagues.

Sylvain Brousseau Ph.D., RN, MSN

Political Engagement: From Bedside to Boardroom – Discover why all nursing roles are essential in the engagement of politics and policy in order to create a better world and improve the state of the nursing profession and the health of all citizens.

Influencing Change and Transforming Care as a Nurse Leader – Increase your knowledge in how to positively use your influence and your credibility to transform nursing practice throughout your healthcare organization.

Shelly Lopez Gray, MSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC

Evidence Based Practice: The What, Why and How – This course will review best practices for evidence-based practice changes, including key questions each nurse can ask before changing practice.

Own Your Nursing Career – Learn how you can “own” your practice and increase professional satisfaction. This session will also highlight unique, non-traditional nursing opportunities – from LPN to APRN.

Elizabeth Pavlesich DNP, RN, PMH-BC

Creating a Safe Environment with Verbal De-Escalation – In this dynamic course you will learn how to define verbal de-escalation and how to keep yourself and others safe in volatile situations. Techniques presented will include identifying situations in which verbal de-escalation is necessary and demonstrating verbal de-escalation strategies. 

Normalizing Mental Health Diagnosis in Nursing – Destigmatizing mental illness is key to better nursing care for our patients. Explore how you can influence nursing culture to normalize mental health.


Advocating to Reduce Health Disparities in Underserved Populations – Influence the healthcare culture by becoming a nurse advocate in your community. Efforts to reduce health disparities are multifocal and require effort by all aspects of the healthcare community. This course will highlight the disparities that exist in underserved populations, including newborns while discussing ways to advocate for these populations.

Implementing the 12 Social Determinants of Health into Nursing Practice – This course will highlight the five aspects of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) which impact the health of underserved populations. Our discussions will identify ways to recognize the social determinants of health in patients regardless of age.

Ali’ce J. Haskins, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CME-C

Nursing Leadership: Professional Development in Every Phase of Your Career – Nursing school is the foundation of your nursing knowledge but it is only the beginning of your professional development. This course explores professional development to empower your nursing career, including strategies such as certification and portfolio building.

Mentoring for Your Nursing Career – Level up your nursing career through mentoring. Learn the difference between precepting and mentoring, why you should find a mentor, and strategies to be an effective mentor to others.

Colleen Maykut RN, BScN, MN, DNP, FCAN

Dismantling Discrimination in Healthcare – Social justice is the professional mandate of nurses around the globe. Discover your vital role in addressing and mitigating ongoing systemic discrimination to foster health for all citizens.

Becoming a Nursing Theory Champion – This course will provide you with language to help you articulate why and how NURSES make a difference in healthcare delivery and to those we care for.